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Maintainer // I was bored (x-posted in my journal)

blown kiss #1 lol ... with my cool new shades. ^_^

no those two white things aren't white hair lol. im just too addicted to my ipod so i didnt take them out. teehe.

lol the toilets in the background... i should have close that door huh?

i put the shades back on lol... the sun was so bright today lol i was going blind! and it's a KISSY FACE! lol

bad habit of sticking my tongue out lol sorry

blown kiss #2 just because I love yall. ^_^

and here is the picture my friend sent me from our little outting on Tuesday. it's of my ex-bf (one of my best friends) and me lol.

LMAO wow... im just now seeing how small photobucket resized this thing... that's pretty damn small... ill see what i can do to make it bigger... lol I'll just post it as a comment to this post.

Hope yall enjoyed.

buh bye for now loves lol and I'll get on enlarging that last  one lol. sorry bout that.


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