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_the_modified_'s Journal

The Modified
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Simple. A ratings community for the Modified. You will not be rated on your mods but of your knowledge thereof. Having mods is nice but hardly a prerequesite; we seek anyone with an interest, be you unmodified for age reasons, pain reasons, health reasons, personal reasons or other. Maybe you're an artist that does the procedure but doesn't want them for yourself. Maybe you just love the look of the "subculture". Whatever your motives, if you present yourself as an intelligent and promising future member there shouldn't be a problem.

For those of you who are worried about us being just another ratings community please point yourself here in which I explain why I started this community not as a way of forming an elite core of the modified but rather as an open and caring community for people to voice concerns, share experiences and find some new friends. God, how corny. I rock. You get the point - we're just weeding out the riff-raff that comes with being modified, keeping the ignorant out.

Rules for Applying
[ Your first post must be your application.
[ You may only comment on your own application until accepted. If you're rejected, feel free to monitor the community - any further posts or comments means you will be banned.
[ There's not really a specific time as to when the apps get stamped. We try to generally make it within 5 days-1 week.
[ Sometimes apps don't get stamped for longer than that. We have lives, too. DO NOT make a new post asking if you're accepted. This is posting outside of your app without being stamped, and it will get you banned. No exceptions. You can, however, contact a mod or comment in your application.
[ You can apply again after one week.
[ More than a basic knowledge of piercings is required! If you got your lobes pierced at Hot Topic of Claire's last month, please move on. And never get pierced in the mall again.
[ Sure, you don't have to be modded, but it helps. If you have a reason, we understand, as long as you can explain it.
[ Be sure you know what you're talking about before spouting a bunch of bullshit, please.
[ Pictures are required! You don't need a full body or a full face, even, just enough to show off your mods.
[ Be sure to put it under an lj-cut or we'll beat you.
[ Add some kind of formatting to make it easier to read. A straight cut and paste is not going to help you.
[ We aren't going to keep a list of the rejected (that's just ridiculous and cruel) but if you somehow manage to get yourself banned you can bet you'll have a place on the info.
[ By posting an application, you affirm that you've read these rules and will abide by them.

Rules for the Accepted
[ Please vote on every application!
[ A simple "yes" or "no" doesn't suffice - tell us what you liked or disliked about the application.
[ Put your vote in the subject of your comment.
[ "Undecided" is not a valid vote for this community. If you have a question before voting, leave your subject blank and, when you've formed your opinion, then put the vote in the subject.
[ Every Friday/Saturday (depending on the time of posting, ha) there will be a Discussion Point. It isn't a requirement but I highly recommend it - it's your opportunity to voice your opinion on a (possibly) controversial topic in an open, friendly environment. Ignorance and general jackassitry will not be tolerated!
[ And promote!

The Application
1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Gender:
4. Location:
5. Who invited you to join, if anyone:

Mods - all of these come with the "why or why not" attached to them. Please explain why you decided to get each mods or why you've chosen not to have them. Leaving something blank isn't an option!
6. Tattoos?
7. Piercings?
8. Brandings?
9. Scarification?
10. What is your biggest health risk surrounding your mods?
11. Which mod do you find most visually pleasing? Be specific - not just "piercings" but "vertical labret."
12. What mods do you find the least visually pleasing? Same crtieria as above!
13. Why do you find mods attractive as a whole?
14. How do you respond to: "Does that hurt?"
15. Is your family mod friendly?
16. Friends?
17. Workplace?

Pictures - post one to four pictures of your mods. This limit will be judged. I've asked for one to four pictures for a reason so pick the best. If a member so feels the need s/he will ask for more. You looking cute isn't good enough - we want to see that ear. Or vagina. Or shoulder.

Just Out Of Curiosity - these won't affect your application and won't be judged.
Are you on IAM?
Where do you get your mods done? A specific artist and location is fun.

Maintainer: theonlykow
Co-Mod: cellularity
Co-Mod: oneradchick

pacifico [X]
_amysucks [X]
_fuckinhostile_ [X]
_socinematic [X]
addiction__ [X]
alithium [X]
bio_hagard [X]
blackestwinter [X]
brash_beauty [X]
butterymufkin [X]
colombenoire [X]
castingxshadows [X]
circle23 [X]
saturnia [X]
cuntsumer [X]
darkerfuture [X]
deadducky112 [X]
deepdarkstar [X]
deftonedchoke [X]
deliriumd [X]
epiks13 [X]
geektasha [X]
gloomy [X]
gonetograceland [X]
gutterwh0re [X]
haute_kitten [X]
heathavoid [X]
i_typedformiles [X]
iced_arctica [X]
icrashalot [X]
in_pieces [X]
inner_mysteriez [X]
innocence [X]
jasmineyoghurt [X]
katyowns [X]
kryohed1 [X]
littlerockstar3 [X]
lollir0tten [X]
bleedingmascara [X]
lnevolves [X]
lucifers_flower [X]
lunahsea [X]
lunifil [X]
mawkzie [X]
meeshkaa [X]
myq13 [X]
nataliepants [X]
pelori [X]
piercedfiend [X]
runs_home_naked [X]
anthophilous [X]
scabboy [X]
scarred_star [X]
simkat [X]
sleep_fu [X]
soshewrote [X]
spacekitten_ [X]
sugarkoatedsour [X]
ta2dmrm8 [X]
thisheartx [X]
thisnamestaken [X]
tragik_mizery [X]
vampryixie [X]
vashe [X]
wenchlette [X]
x__dollface [X]
xstarsfadeoutx [X]

Banned like you can't even imagine:

puredisaster [for generally being an ass]
publicharakiri [posting outside the application]
pokemonika [posting her an ad for her stupid shit twice]

Promote! All of you! This instant!