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Welcome To The Loft!

Come On In...

The Music & Movies Loft
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Just to let you know, this group is a work-in-progress.

Having tried my damned-est to find a group here at Blurty where I'd fit in, I decided to give up and just start my own. I know there are people out there in the same boat as me, and I encourage them to join this group, ESPECIALLY if they have trouble finding places to fit in here at Blurty.

This group will be dedicated to discussing alternive music, books, movies, and of course, lifestyles. Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) is welcome.

There are a few rules, though, but it's stuff you should know already if you have been in community before;

1 - No flaming...

2 - No slurs. Racial, cultural, sexual preference, gender slurs... You get the idea.

3 - Be respectful. If you disagree, there are other ways of saying it besides "HAHA! YOU'RE FUCKING STOOOOOOPID!".

4 - If you're going to post more than one picture per post, please use the LJ-cut tag.Pretty simple, huh? Thanks for reading this, and remember to have fun.