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Whoo-ha! First!

Hiya, this is Hedd, the GM of The Legion of Lost Hope, on the server of Eredar. Let me just say welcome and look around. I know there's not much here yet (still looking for that pesky program that lets me view WoW screenshots), but in the coming months I hope to get a webpage up and running, along with getting into active guild recruitment. For the requirements, all we ask are that you play regularly and like the game. You don't have to play as much as me or Moricia, but still try to log a few hours every couple of days or so. Hell, go ahead and play catch up to me or Moricia. As of this post, respectively we are a 47 rogue and a 44 druid. And we both have alts (in my case, way too many, lol). We have a guild bank and everything, we're just looking for a little direction to head in, as in PVP, raiding, etc. So pst to me, Mori, or Missyy, and talk to one of us if you're interested. You could also try Iyse if we're not on. Anyways, thanks for looking at us, and Happy Hunting for those ever elusive epics.
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