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Well well well

First of all I wanna apologize for my sporadic posting lol. But since I am almost always in-game (on one toon or another), you can easily reach me there. As always I want to bid welcome to our newer members, and encourage you all to post here with your ideas, comments, and criticisms (keep it light on the criticism... or else. J/K). Anyways, as for my status as Hedd, he'll be around, but I'm trying to give Xeyn, Mori, Missyy, Bocdan, Tyranni/Absurd, Rotesak, Sarima, and Scelz a chance to catch up a bit lol. So for now, you'll probably be able to find me on as Miggit or Pyrri. Anwyas, I will also be giving everyone the ability to post their own player's note in the Guild Pane, so I heavily encourage everyone to update it with thier profession information. Post your skill numbers along with it, but don;t worry about updating that as much. Update it whenever you feel the need. Mine's gonna say Mining256/Engineer247. The numbers and profession information will be useful for shipping out mass mails of crafting stuff (btw, Absurd, Missyy, and Phaeydra, check your mail for incoming presents from Raia, our guild bank).
As for the bank, if anyone has any ideas for ways to keep track of who sells what, and what we can use as incentives to donate to the bank, talk to me either here or in game.
-Catch you in Ironforge
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