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My First Post

Hey guys... Hopefully i finally got this thing working correctly. "It's much different from what im used to posting in" although i know Hedd has been working on getting us an actual site up and running ;). Just figured id post a quick note before heading off to work and since the servers are down... "I hate tuesday mornings" :p we should plan another type of follow up event since the deadmines thing was kinda a bust... "we ended up running gnomer so i could get some pants, since i lost my last pair to an angry trogg" also a few of us made horde toons on azshara "the new pvp realm" although we're not really playing them yet... i have a tauren female shammy named cheesesteak... rest of us seem to be naming our all-cow group after hamburger themes and junk food, well stick em in the guild which will be called "the burger kings" lol also im still looking for that sodding Wolffear Harness for my rogue who is now 34, if anyone sees it pick it up if you have the cash and i promise ill reimburse you even if you mail it to me CoD , ive been looking on the horde AH as well as the Alliance, thanks to my b/f not playing on this server and me having access to his account to make a baby horde to check ogrimmar and run the stuff up to tanaris to sell it to myself. so if anyone is looking for anything special let me know and ill check for you too... well thats all for now guys, im out... have work to attend too, fun fun fun

much love <3
-xeyn/zeyn,X,an' Jen ;)

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