December 7th, 2005

maker: godsmackedangel@godsmack_icons

Vent Server info

OK, guys I downloaded Vent and checked around for hoseted servers for it and found one that will host us for 100 something a year for 75 ppl... We aren;t that big yet, but we also have a 50 played option that's cheaper and we can always upgrade. Anyways, we need to get a messageboard up and running and start gettin some recruitment in the works... Dammit I wanna farm MC soon! Anyways, our top priority right now is the previously mentioned recruting... So expect to see me on as Migg or Pyrri or Rilee to get some recruiting goin.
Oh, and before I forget, let's get some ideas for a new guild event... I want to torque Gnomer or RFD or something. Maybe streaking across the Barrens or something.
And before I forget, welcome aboard to all our new people! Hope to see ya in game! Lemme know when I'm on if ya need any help. Anyways, gotta bail for work or I'll be late... again.