grumpyshoogie (grumpyshoogie) wrote in _the_legion_,

First Guild Event

Heya guys, Hedd again. I'm proud to announce our first guild event, to be held next Sunday Night, 9 pm est: DRUNKEN NAKED DEADMINES! Depending on how many people can attend, we'll be raiding in up to two groups, with our two highest level members in charge of those groups. Now, on to the rules:
1. Everyone brings enough alcohol to keep themselves drunk through the whole run.
2. Loot Rules are Need Before Greed. (Why subtract from the drunken fun with a mad scramble for loot?)
3. Anyone level 30 and above runs NAKED! Weapons only, Tabards optional.
4. Grouping will be determined by an average level of the party.
5. First group through, with evidence of killing the bosses (Sneed, Smite, the Captain, and Cookie) wins!
6. Tabards will be handed out to those who don't have them after the run and subsequent trip back to Ironforge.
7. Have Fun! Kick Mr. Smite's ass! Let that big all beef patty know who's in charge!
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