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Vent Server info 
03:03pm 07/12/2005
  OK, guys I downloaded Vent and checked around for hoseted servers for it and found one that will host us for 100 something a year for 75 ppl... We aren;t that big yet, but we also have a 50 played option that's cheaper and we can always upgrade. Anyways, we need to get a messageboard up and running and start gettin some recruitment in the works... Dammit I wanna farm MC soon! Anyways, our top priority right now is the previously mentioned recruting... So expect to see me on as Migg or Pyrri or Rilee to get some recruiting goin.
Oh, and before I forget, let's get some ideas for a new guild event... I want to torque Gnomer or RFD or something. Maybe streaking across the Barrens or something.
And before I forget, welcome aboard to all our new people! Hope to see ya in game! Lemme know when I'm on if ya need any help. Anyways, gotta bail for work or I'll be late... again.
Well well well 
01:08am 25/11/2005
  First of all I wanna apologize for my sporadic posting lol. But since I am almost always in-game (on one toon or another), you can easily reach me there. As always I want to bid welcome to our newer members, and encourage you all to post here with your ideas, comments, and criticisms (keep it light on the criticism... or else. J/K). Anyways, as for my status as Hedd, he'll be around, but I'm trying to give Xeyn, Mori, Missyy, Bocdan, Tyranni/Absurd, Rotesak, Sarima, and Scelz a chance to catch up a bit lol. So for now, you'll probably be able to find me on as Miggit or Pyrri. Anwyas, I will also be giving everyone the ability to post their own player's note in the Guild Pane, so I heavily encourage everyone to update it with thier profession information. Post your skill numbers along with it, but don;t worry about updating that as much. Update it whenever you feel the need. Mine's gonna say Mining256/Engineer247. The numbers and profession information will be useful for shipping out mass mails of crafting stuff (btw, Absurd, Missyy, and Phaeydra, check your mail for incoming presents from Raia, our guild bank).
As for the bank, if anyone has any ideas for ways to keep track of who sells what, and what we can use as incentives to donate to the bank, talk to me either here or in game.
-Catch you in Ironforge
updated pic? 
01:03pm 24/11/2005
  Look at me!Collapse )

yay! TY hedd for making my staff pretty!

My First Post 
10:45am 15/11/2005
  Hey guys... Hopefully i finally got this thing working correctly. "It's much different from what im used to posting in" although i know Hedd has been working on getting us an actual site up and running ;). Just figured id post a quick note before heading off to work and since the servers are down... "I hate tuesday mornings" :p we should plan another type of follow up event since the deadmines thing was kinda a bust... "we ended up running gnomer so i could get some pants, since i lost my last pair to an angry trogg" also a few of us made horde toons on azshara "the new pvp realm" although we're not really playing them yet... i have a tauren female shammy named cheesesteak... rest of us seem to be naming our all-cow group after hamburger themes and junk food, well stick em in the guild which will be called "the burger kings" lol also im still looking for that sodding Wolffear Harness for my rogue who is now 34, if anyone sees it pick it up if you have the cash and i promise ill reimburse you even if you mail it to me CoD , ive been looking on the horde AH as well as the Alliance, thanks to my b/f not playing on this server and me having access to his account to make a baby horde to check ogrimmar and run the stuff up to tanaris to sell it to myself. so if anyone is looking for anything special let me know and ill check for you too... well thats all for now guys, im out... have work to attend too, fun fun fun

much love <3
-xeyn/zeyn,X,an' Jen ;)
This was such an eventful night! =) 
05:03am 15/11/2005
  lots of silly things for you.

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Anyway, thats it. Its fucking 5:10 am. GOODNIGHT~!

some good moments.. 
01:52pm 14/11/2005
  I love this game. Click the link bitches. =)

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Anyway, I have work soon! <3 wow. I'll be on tonight. I promise! I won't fall asleep this time. <3

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Woot! Almost time for the drunken run! 
05:31pm 13/11/2005
  As of this writing, it's T minus 3 hours and 29 minutes until our first guild event: The Drunken Deadmines Run. Everyone a little hyped? I know I am. Yeah, just cuz I'll be a level 50 (maybe 51 by then) running DM doesn't mean it's not gonna be fun ^^. I'll be naked and drunk to boot. Just me, my daggers and skill vs. Edwin VanCleef and his cronies.
He's so dead.
So who wants on my team? LOL.
See ya on the 'net.
07:24pm 10/11/2005
  Finally a day were i can do quests in duskwood without horde killing me! I don't think they came the the edge where I was. I hate Horde. We need to all make a horde guild as well. Jen what was that server you wanted us to be on? How about we make horde characters on the new servers? Anyone up for it?

<3 Missyy
First Guild Event 
11:52am 08/11/2005
  Heya guys, Hedd again. I'm proud to announce our first guild event, to be held next Sunday Night, 9 pm est: DRUNKEN NAKED DEADMINES! Depending on how many people can attend, we'll be raiding in up to two groups, with our two highest level members in charge of those groups. Now, on to the rules:
1. Everyone brings enough alcohol to keep themselves drunk through the whole run.
2. Loot Rules are Need Before Greed. (Why subtract from the drunken fun with a mad scramble for loot?)
3. Anyone level 30 and above runs NAKED! Weapons only, Tabards optional.
4. Grouping will be determined by an average level of the party.
5. First group through, with evidence of killing the bosses (Sneed, Smite, the Captain, and Cookie) wins!
6. Tabards will be handed out to those who don't have them after the run and subsequent trip back to Ironforge.
7. Have Fun! Kick Mr. Smite's ass! Let that big all beef patty know who's in charge!
Hello to everyone 
02:25am 06/11/2005
mood: tired
Hedd here again. I just wanna make a quick shoutout to all our new members and congratulate Missyy and Xeyn on their admirable recruitment efforts. Good job guys. To our new people, welcome aboard, get a livejournal (if you don't already have one) and post. Let us know what's going on. Got anything about the game/guild that you love/hate? Let us know. Any ideas for guild events and such? Post 'em! Communication is the key to success. Got a prospective guildie? Group with 'em and let us know how they do. Anyways, I'll cut this short. Bed's a callin'.
-Night all.
Welcome to the guild! 
10:37am 02/11/2005
mood: ecstatic
This is the guild's journal. The Legion of Lost Hope. It is open to all guildies.. In here feel free to post ideas you may have about guild activities, guild goals, guild reputation, etc. Anything your heart desires. You may also post about your character.. Tell us about your experiences, new items you've picked up, and quests you have completed or need help on.

We plan to have several group events.

Our guild plans on having fun together, and growing together. It's very important to us to bond with our guild mates, so we plan to stick together, and always help each other out. We also love a good conversation. We aren't just playing for ourselves. We play for each other.

To get a hold of us, comment here, or you can message some of us in the game.
Server - Eredar // alliance
Players you can get a hold of for anything you need:
Hedd // Moricia // Missyy

One of us are usually on. Good luck to all players. =)

Whoo-ha! First! 
03:50am 02/11/2005
  Hiya, this is Hedd, the GM of The Legion of Lost Hope, on the server of Eredar. Let me just say welcome and look around. I know there's not much here yet (still looking for that pesky program that lets me view WoW screenshots), but in the coming months I hope to get a webpage up and running, along with getting into active guild recruitment. For the requirements, all we ask are that you play regularly and like the game. You don't have to play as much as me or Moricia, but still try to log a few hours every couple of days or so. Hell, go ahead and play catch up to me or Moricia. As of this post, respectively we are a 47 rogue and a 44 druid. And we both have alts (in my case, way too many, lol). We have a guild bank and everything, we're just looking for a little direction to head in, as in PVP, raiding, etc. So pst to me, Mori, or Missyy, and talk to one of us if you're interested. You could also try Iyse if we're not on. Anyways, thanks for looking at us, and Happy Hunting for those ever elusive epics.  
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