This is...

what you thought it wasnt

♥The Ladies♥
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This Is How It Works
1. Must have at least 3 pictures, one SHOULD be a face shot
2. Must put all but one picture behind an lj cut, including the survey
3. You CANNOT post comments unless you have been accepted or if it is in your own post, if you do comment without being accepted then you will be banned
4. It may take a few days to be stamped, so please be patient
5. If you are to be accepted, you may comment and post whatever or whenever you like
6. You MUST post your picture within 24 hours of joining
7. This is a very hard community to get into.. So please don’t be offended or take anything too literally, after all you are asking for our opinions.
8. If you are rejected.. you may try again with better pics, but if you are rejected time after time.. GET A HINT!!
9. If you are rude or disrespectful to any of the members or especially the mods, you may be banned
10. To prove you have read the rules please put "I wanna be a Lady" in the subject line, it must be there or no votes will count untill you fix it
11. If you have already been accepted and want to post more pics, please make it clear that you have been accepted, so people will not vote on you
11. Remember looks aren’t always everything, but they sure are here!! Have fun!



Do you..

.:*do drugs//


.:*should you be one of 'The Ladies'?

Tell me//About..

.:*a joke//
*:.a funny story//

your hawt mods//maintainers