June 24th, 2004

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.:*name//cassandra gailey

Do you..

*:.smoke//try not to
.:*do drugs//ex-junkie


.:*should you be one of 'The Ladies'?sure why not! i need to make new friends! and something to keep me busy this summer..talk..talk..talk

Tell me//About..

.:*life//i write, do lots of art, very excentric, i have an autistic brother, and no father figure in my life.
*:.relationships//dating-a girl *oh goodness*
.:*a joke//"sure tell nemo you couldnt find him...cuz you were getting stoned with your firneds"
*:.a funny story//-i am not a funny person-


my worst photos ;) enjoi

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how is everyone's summer?

mmmmwhat have all you girls been doing this summer! i want to get to know you girls a little bit better, here is so more info about me, i paint,and write those are my top priorties. i am unemployed-at the moment.my summer sucks.i had to get surgery a couple days ago. but now EVERYTHING is better, i do alot of babysitting for my dead beat parents,and um lets see, i love to dress up and go to parties. costume parties babies! woo. hang out at the masquerade, loves dancing. been toooooo only 3 raves these past 2 years have been crazy,but i have calmed down alot...yesh! there is some info about me,check out my site to find out a little bit more,insane,delrious me!