June 19th, 2004

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*:.age/birthday//18 november 26
.:*nationality//iatialian russian

Do you..

.:*drink//some times
.:*do drugs//no


.:*should you be one of 'The Ladies'?because i am a lady and this community is very appealing i would love to be in it..i love what other people have to say and meeting new people is awesome

Tell me//About..

.:*life//my mom died in a car accident when i was 12 on december 23 we moved to florida my dad is a business man
*:.relationships//im in a seriouse relationship now it been going for about 10 in a half months
.:*a joke//what do the yankees and hookers have in common...they both get paid to suck..(only one i had in mind)
*:.a funny story//well.one day my friend and i were walking around the mall n we got down the escalader n my thong jus snapped my friend started laughing so hard she fell to the floor everyone was looking at us it was priceless

sorry i dont have pictures i dont know how to post pictures im new to live journal but i have a bunch on my web site heres the link http://hometown.aol.com/__121b_edFa31l1b6SZS/72wFmtSZ2PxIpkm78+pXA3c/cAbQI=

<3 holli