May 29th, 2004

I want to be a lady

.:*name// Kimberly
*:.age/birthday// 14, december 15, 1989
.:*location// ohio
* female
.:*nationality// Greek.Solvienian

Do you..

.:*drink// no
*:.smoke// no
.:*do drugs// I dont need to.


.:*should you be one of 'The Ladies'? Because I am a lady and I want to meet interesting people.

Tell me//About..

.:*life// As I learned when someone I knew died: Life is beautiful, and never take it for granted. I love it. Personally I like to be different. People can call me weird. But what is normal?
*:.relationships// I have a boyfriend, 16 and is currently in Belgium on foreign exchange
.:*a joke// What did the Spainish firefighter name his 2 children? Hosea and Hoseb
*:.a funny story// One time me and my friends were at a skate park and there was susposed to be a fight but there wasnt. This guys whos like 6'6'' comeso ver and starts talking to us and hes like "I wanted to see a fight" and so I said "Oh I will hit you" (joking) and hes like "Do it!" so I lightly tapped him on the arm. He then said "oh no you didnt" and took off his belt and starting whipping my butt in front of like 25 people.  And I was running around scared. After he stopped I took off my sandal and hit his butt and he then got all his friends (who are over 6 foot) to gang up on me. I was terrified...see i am 5' 1'' so nothing is scarier that big beefy men whipping your butt. I was like screaming and finally my friends realized it was me caught in the middle and pulled me out. Afterwards the guy came up and said he was just joking. But it was still scary.

Sorry about the red eye...I have green eyes so I get red-eye in pictures more often.

Thanks <3