May 24th, 2004

(no subject)


.:*name// Ann
*:.age/birthday// 15 31.08.88
.:*location// Moscow Russia
* Female
.:*nationality// Russian

Do you..

.:*drink// no
*:.smoke// no
.:*do drugs// no


.:*should you be one of 'The Ladies'? Because i want to make a friendship with different kinds of people.

Tell me//About..

.:*life// My life is very unusual and strange.
*:.relationships// I have a lot of friends and i want to have more, because friends can't be many.
.:*a joke// Milkyway has sunk.
*:.a funny story// Once (in the early spring, snow is melting) i was going to school and near my house there was huge puddle. When i was going near it i thought only about how not to fall to this puddle and then i fell there. Then i had to return to my home and change clothes, but when i was going across of it i fell for the second time! Only i can go to one water twice!