March 29th, 2004

...i'm just bored so here*

.:*name// Sarah
*:.age/birthday// 16, sept 23
.:*location// New Jersey
* female
.:*nationality// mostly italian, german, lil bit of irish and scottish

Do you..

.:*drink// not any more
*:.smoke// never.
.:*do drugs// nope.


.:*should you be one of 'The Ladies'? i'm just bored and that's my story. to be honest, if i dont become one of 'the ladies', it won't really affect me. but if i do, then great, maybe i can talk to some people on Livejournal or something.

Tell me//About..

.:*life// hmm.. do you want to know about my life or life-life? because well , my life is fairly simple and life-life is pretty complicated. so..
*:.relationships// i have a boyfriend who i love veryyyy much <33 thank you!! i am extremely happy and i would not ask for anything else in the world. just like mini me, he completes me<333
.:*a joke// it's kind of long and it may not be as funny through text as it would be telling it but ok -- it goes like this : there's two guys and they are real hungry but they only have two dollars. so the one guy comes up with an idea, so they go and buy a hotdog and the guy says to his friend "we'll go to a bar and eat and drink all we want" and his friend isnt really sure how they are gonna pay for it but then he tells him that hes gonna whip his d*ck out [ the hotdog] and the friend will start sucking it and they'll get kicked out after eating, so they went to the bar and it worked, they went to another one and it worked again. so they decided to go to another bar and they eat and drink for awhile and the guy starts sucking the "hot dog" so they got kicked out. so then the friend [who was sucking the hotdog] goes " so what are we gonna do with the hotdog now" and the other goes " oh , that was gone a while ago" ;) its pretty dirty if u get the joke --- its hard to explain online
*:.a funny story// i have lots of them. usually you had to be there. but hmm.. i'll tell one of em if u can use ur imagination alittle to picture what was going on --- so myself, my friend and her cousin went to a local diner and i [being alittle perverted and funny as i am] ordered an ice cream sundae. sure enough two dorky guys walked in and sat behind me in another booth seat. [note: theres like a glass divider so u can still see them and vice versa] so i was playin wit my ice cream, puttin it on my tongue and what not and i would turn around and stick it out at the dorky kid and be all sexual with my "white" ice cream ;) for like 15 minutes and then we ended up leaving, so her car was parked infront of the kids window and i knocked on it and they looked out the blinds and i ran to her car and he looked out again so i flashed him [i was in the car] and all u could see was this dorky kid jumping up and down like it was his birthday and never seen a pair of boobs. it was classic.