March 24th, 2004

newbie. <3


Cassandra. "sans" or "sansie".
*:.age/birthday// 14. August 7.
.:*location// Sarasota, Florida.
* chica. <3
.:*nationality// Native American. (Cherokee.)

Do you..

*:.smoke// nope.. recently quit. =)
.:*do drugs// nope.


.:*should you be one of 'The Ladies'?
hum.. i'm just looking for new friends and shit.. and this comunity looks cool. =) <3

Tell me//About..

2 brother.. 1 sister.. i'm the youngest. um.. i'm a freshman at Sarasota High School. i have an attitude when people piss me off. and i speak the TRUTH.
*:.relationships// </b>i'm taken by my baby Will. <3
.:*a joke// </b>knock.. knock.. (haha. that's so old.) i don't know any good ones.
*:.a funny story// </b>um.. one time when i was walking home from the YMCA like 3 cars tired to pull me over and get my number and i just started acting like i didn't speak english. okay.. wait that wasn't too funny.. um.. shit.. i don't know.
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