March 15th, 2004


i wanna be a lady

sorry my pictures didnt come out last time... all the information is the same except for the pictures.


.:*name// Jana
*:.age/birthday// 16, 5-2-87
.:*location// New York baby!
* *lady*
.:*nationality// 75% italian, 25% spanish

Do you..

.:*drink// nope, a close friend of the family past away a few years ago of cirrhosis of the liver (also suffered from alcoholism).
*:.smoke// nah, one of my father's friends just had ANOTHER part of his lung removed from cancer due to the junk.
.:*do drugs// no ma'am. though i will admitt to doing all of these things a little bit in the past (not a lot though).


.:*should you be one of 'The Ladies'? well i feel like i can relate to this community and i love to meet people like me and i feel like i could give and recieve some really good feedback with you girls!

Tell me//About..

.:*life// busy. im a lifeguard -i love it though, i work afterschool with the kids and swim with 'em, and then on saturday mornings and talk with the elderly whom by the way all swear like drunken pirates. im currently running track as well... if you are really interested in my perception of life feel free to read my livejournal (i suggest starting at the bottom so it makes more sense). carpe diem.
*:.relationships// ohhhh boy... not currently in one.. we're "talking" -im sure you know how that goes...
.:*a joke// hmmm i cant really think of a good joke off the top of my head... what did the lady on the beach say to micheal jackson?? get out of my son.
*:.a funny story// haha all my stories are usually "had to be there" stories... i'll give yah a few lines that made me laugh--
so i was wondering how people with the name richard acquire the nickname "dick".
me: "dad how do you get 'dick' from 'richard'?"
dad: "i dont know jana... but i know i dont want to get any dick from richard."

"me and tim a huntin went
met three whores in a pop-up tent
they was three and we was two
so i bucked one and timbukto"

and i apologize if you're discusted or offended by that last answer... it's just that part of who i am is that i have a very good sense of humor and am not afraid to laugh at anything. and if you appreciated that then rock on!!

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