February 16th, 2004


my kittens were laying next to each other sleeping. pete started crying in his sleep and then isabella joined him. i looked over and made sure they weren't awake and just talking, but sure enough, they were knocked out. isabella woke up and started licking pete, and he rolled over onto his back for her.

the other night i had a dream where my family wanted me to risk swimming underwater with my other cat, allie, for 14 seconds to join them in a submarine. sounds weird, i know. at the time it made sense. i couldn't do it, i was too scared for her. they left without me, and it was just me and allie on the boardwalk.

i think pete and isabella having the same dream. and in that dream they had kittens.

i think they love each other even though they are both fixed as dumb as that sounds.

i love my kitties sooooo much.