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.:*name// Alice
*:.age/birthday// 15 , april 28- 1989
.:*location// las vegas
*:.sex// girl
.:*nationality// well im pretty much white lol but im german and irish too.

Do you..

.:*drink// occasionally
*:.smoke// yes
.:*do drugs// yes mary jane <3


.:*should you be one of 'The Ladies'? because i am a ladie and i to be a memeber of more communities.

Tell me//About..

.:*life// well like sucks right now im really sick =[ and school sucks but theres only 2 more weeks left and then summer !!
*:.relationships// im kinda givin up on them for now it just seems to be a waste of time guys are just to complicated right now .. maybe some day ill find prince charming !!
.:*a joke// an irish man walks out of a bar .. lol thats not a really funny joke but it is one ..
*:.a funny story// humm.. well me n a couple of my friends were at this party and we were all kinda tipsy and my friend mike decited to light my skirt on fire the next thing i new my best friend was hitting me with my own shoe putting out my flaming pocket !! lol i was so pissed but now that i look back on it .. it is pretty funny and everytime i look at my skirt and see the big burn whole .. i laugh.

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