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I wanna be a lady


.:*name// Ericka
*:.age/birthday// 15, 3/8/88
.:*location// hayward, california
* female, true lady
.:*nationality// spanish, not mexican, in case you were wondering

Do you..

.:*drink// no
*:.smoke// no
.:*do drugs// never have, never will, I'm sxe


.:*should you be one of 'The Ladies'? cause I'm a lady? hehe, no, because I want to be a part of this community and I like the name.

Tell me//About..

.:*life// it has it's ups and downs, lately things have been different.I've been going to shows alot more and on Bart alot since I'm not passing my written test :( .The boy I love confuses me cause one minute he likes me the next he likes my friend! and that hurts! I've liked him for over a year now and still.....nothing.Schools ok, just really long, boring, and bleh, but always fun hanging out with my twin! <3, and lately I really have been letting other people get to me to easily.
*:.relationships// hopefully soon, with Reese.
.:*a joke// uhhh, I just learned a new one today but it's one of those things you have to say out loud, hmmm, Why don't seaguls fly over the bay? cause than they'd be bayguls! get it? yea.......corny.
*:.a funny story// ok, hmmmm.....oh haha, ok, may not be that funny unless you were there, but one time at lunch me and my best friends were cracking up about something stupid, as always and we laugh REALLY loud so the people at the other table I guess were getting annoyed and all of a sudden I saw something white hit my friend Rachel's head and fall on the table, but she just kept laughing cause she didn't feel it so than I looked down and saw a piece of chicken on the table and pointed at it and started laughing even more than she picked it up and was all "wtf?" and than we realized that the people at the other table threw it and we laughed even more, and even louder and they got up and left haha, yea.

so this is me....




I know I have lot's of eye make-up in this one, but I like it, and hey some day it may be my profession, you never know.


this was me at the mall trying on hats, haha.

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