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i wanna be a lady!

.:*name// Angelina
*:.age/birthday// I'm 15, 7/18/88
.:*location// Hayward, California
* Female
.:*nationality// Mexican, Italian, Irish

Do you..

.:*do drugs//nver and no


.:*should you be one of 'The Ladies'? I think i should be a lady because this community seems great and one more lady can't hurt.

Tell me//About..

.:*life// Life is going good and Gewardito asked me out! Hmmm umm I'm going to be a juinor in hs . Going to shows more and Shopping is a big part of my life.
*:.relationships// Hmm yea im dating->Gewardito!
.:*a joke// Umm. there was this old man on the beach and he came up to a young girl and asked her if he could touch her boobs for $ the girl said ok. well when the old man was toouching her boobs he kept saying oh my god! oh my god! The girl asked him what was the matter and he told her " Where am I going to get $300 ?"
*:.a funny story// Once when me and my friend Ericka were walking i said something to her and this girl named Megan turned around and asked if we were talking to her. I said no and then when she turned my friend shouted you wish we were! and that Megan girl gave us a dirty look but it was funny.

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