tori (murder_me_baby) wrote in _the_ladies_,

.:*name// Tori
*:.age/birthday// April 3rd, 1989. 15 years old
.:*location// Houston, Texas
* Female
.:*nationality// Spanish

Do you..

.:*drink// sometimes, depends where i am and who im with
*:.smoke// no, used to.
.:*do drugs// nope


.:*should you be one of 'The Ladies'?

Tell me//About.. i feel like i have alot to offer the community. it seems fun and fresh. <3

.:*life// is not so bad right now.
*:.relationships// good with friends, no boyfriend.
.:*a joke// the guys spend the night together on the same bed. in the morning, guy number 1 says to the other men, " i had the weirdest dream that someone was jacking me off" guy number 2 says " that's funny i had the exact same dream." then guy number 3 says " hey i had a weird dream too, i dreamt that i was skiing." sorry if it's lame, some guy told me it today.
*:.a funny story// on my way to a friends house, me and my boyfriend at the time were walking outside on my porch when my heel got stuck in the crack. he tryed to lift my leg so i could get my heel out easier but it just ended up to me falling over on my back.
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