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:: i wanna b a lady ::


.:*name// stephanie
*:.age/birthday// 15/june 8th
.:*location// dallas tx
* a lady
.:*nationality// american born but mixed w/ white & black

Do you..

.:*drink// evry once 'n a while
*:.smoke// nahh
.:*do drugs// just once or twice


.:*should you be one of 'The Ladies'? hell yes evryone wants 2 be lady! plus this community kicks ass and who doesnt want to be in it!?!

Tell me//About..

.:*life// sometimes it can kick you in the ass real hard, but you just gotta put some ice on it and get back up
*:.relationships// something i can just play around with right now, im too young to be looking for my soulmate
.:*a joke// what did the fish say when he hit the wall???????? DAM! haha, such a gay joke
*:.a funny story// im a dancer, so i was in dance class and my teacher's daughter was taking with us that day. Her daughter had a really bad cold and had all that nasty mucus stuff in her throat that she kept on coughing up. So she goes over to the trash can to spit it out and our teacher gets sooooo disgusted and says that that is sooo nasty and that shes just just a tramp in the street! That just hilarious to me b/c 1st of all thats something that you would think she never would say and 2nd because shes from Britan and her accent just makes everything that much funnier.

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