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Good God its Your MOD!

hi kiddies! ok so i havnt posted in a loooong ass time...

so to fill y'all in here are a bunch of random pics of me & my friends!



Britany on my Birthday!

this is my best friend..wut a hottie huh?

nikki putting a wig on her b/f for fun 1 nite!

haha dont ask...

^this is the pimp jacket^..
if you live in simi valley your probably know what jacket im talking about [from Styles]

 haha....oh man..good times

boredom + libby + 4 in the morning + cookie dough + my drum sticks =

then i learn'd new effects on Photoshop...

all of those pics were originaly in color.
i made them black & white and used monochroming to add bits of color here and there...so tell me what ya think


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