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I wanna be a lady


*:.age/birthday// 15, March 9, 1989
.:*location// San Diego, CA
* Female
.:*nationality// American, Italian, German and Indian.

Do you..

*:.smoke// Never have and never will
.:*do drugs// Never have and Never will


.:*should you be one of 'The Ladies'?
  Because I am an LJ freaka nd will vote and do everything, I am also a cam whore and love taking pictires and will update a lot.

Tell me//About..

My life isn't that great, my whole family is a screw up, so I am trying to make it so i don't end up like them, I am going to do better then my parents and become a very independent person.
*:.relationships// I am not in one right now, I suck when it comes to being affectionate in public, many people have left me because of it, i am just a very shy girl.
.:*a joke// hmm....ok here: what did 50 cent say when he got a sweater for his birthday?
 Gee, you knit? (sorry its kinda lame i can't think of any that are good right now)
*:.a funny story//
Ok one night my friends and I were have a conversation with my friends mom and my friend mentioned going to Hillcrest and this is kinda how the conversation went after she suggested it:  me: My Mommy doesn't like me going to Hillcrest..
Erica: Then lie & say you're going to the beach or something..
Carol: That's bad! Lying is bad.
me: No Carol, Hillcrest is like the beach! Because the gay guys cum and it's like waves at the beach!
[Everyone in the car starts cracking up hardcore]
Carol: Jessica, I'm going to PUKE!

Yeah I found it amusing.

Picture time!

Every one says i look like a waxed frozen chicken statue in this picture.

Sorry its a bit blurry but this is my favorite picture.

Ok that is is, if any of you need more please tell me and I will be glad to take some.


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