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the journey

continues in our hearts

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All Members , Moderated

This is a community for all things Lord of the Rings. The following things are allowed in here:

* anything related to the LotR cast
* anything related to Tolkien, the movies & the books
* any questions related to these topics
* icons, backgrounds, pics & wallpapers of these topics
* fanfics of these topics

Do not start posting any totally unrelated things here, as it will be deleted.

Make sure you have read and understood the following rules before joining the community. If you feel that changes should be made to them, let me know.


please bear in mind to be respectful to all members. This may be an open community, but anyone posting disrespectful updates or comments will be banned at once. If someone is harrassing you, inform me right away.


rules for posting pictures/icons and language:
Remember that anyone at any age can view the contents of this community. Therefore, i would appreciate it if you keep your language clean.

For explicite (and/or explicite language on) pictures and icons, use the cut-tag. If you don't know how to do so, ask someone.

If you are posting big / many pictures, please also use the cut-tag.

Other obligatory use of cut-tags: Quizzes, fanfics and anything really big or long.

When using pictures / icons made by another member, credit them for their work.

Anyone who violates these rules will receive a double warning. The third time, he or she will be banned from the community.


any further questions may be asked in my personal journal perfect_fantasy