hello all! I'm new to this community! I love lotr obviously! and I couldnt imagine anybody else playing those roles!
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Sean Astin

I'm sorry if this has already been said, but I've just become checking my LOTR communities when I saw this commercial.

Sean Astin is going to be on The View - Monday, January 12 (1-12-04). (It's on ABC for me)

Check local listings!

doctor who - doctor not impressed

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guess what i found today. The lyrics to the hobbits song in RotK. For nearly 2 years, my anthem has been "hey ho to the pub i go..." and now i can go nuts at this tune:

"Oh you can search far and wide
You can drink the whole town dry
But you'll never find a beer so brown
As the one we drink in our home town
You can keep your fancy ales
You can drink them by the flagon
But the only brew for the brave and true
Comes from the Green Dragon!"

*wipes away a tear at the thought of never getting to see our beloved hobbits get into new mischief*
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Well, I decided to come out of lurkingness. THis group looks pretty cool, and I really want to participate. I LOVE lotr *well, der* and my favorite characters are Merry and Eowyn. I am offically a pervy hobbit fancier and a horrible Merry groupie. I work full time at Wal-Mart and am in the production of "the Wizard of Oz" at the Goodman theater in Chicago, so I don't have alot of time right now on my hands, but my new years resolution is to stop being a lurker and actually join in some fun conversations!

*huggles yall*

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'ello, all! Found this link on another community- Lord_of_the_Rings. Thought I'd poke my head in and say hi. It looks great! So...yes. My name is Elentari, and I am a HUGE fan of the LOTR movies and the cast. I am going to see ROTK today for the 2nd time. Yay! I guess that's all...
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