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please read!

this post is a sort of 'casting call'. If you like RolePlayingGames and are interested in joining one, please read the following post.

The RPG is called "lords of scotland". The characters are primarily LotR-based, but others have recently been allowed as well. For a full description of the game and the urgently requested roles, click the following link.

you can IM me at Miranda Mckellen if you have any further questions or wish to join.
doctor who - doctor not impressed

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a very very happy (and by now belated) birthday to the wonderful Elijah Wood. Have a great 23rd sweetie!

congrats to the LotR cast and crew on the Golden Globes wins and Oscar nominations. Though i still think the cast should have gotten Oscar nominations too. Well, keep yer fingers crossed!

many wonderful pictures of the Golden Globes are to be found at the

good luck Billy Boyd with your new movie "master and commander". I'm sure it'll be a hit!
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ah Mr. Wood....

Hello there everyone!

i have a quick question aimed at all non english would you rate Elijah Wood's accent in the films? Being English myself i barely noticed that he was putting an accent on! when i realised, i was amazed at how accurate it was. any thoughts? did anyone think it was unconvincing?

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Hello my children.

My name is Serkis Peredhil, and I am a Reverend of the Church of Peej.

Do you love Lord of the Rings?

Do you think of Peter Jackson as a God?

Then join the Peejist Revolution.

churchofpeej: a truly modern religion

In the name of the Philippa, the Fran and the Holy Peter. Epic.