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Sean Astin

If anyone is interested and will be in the Philadelphia, PA (USA) area within the next two weeks Sean Astin is coming Monday, November 22nd at 7pm. It's a book signing for his new book, "There and Back Again - An Actors Tale." I'm definetly going, and if anyone wants to come, you're totally welcome. =)


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im new here, so i start this saying: I love LOTR cast! eh heh. i think thats clear;)
Viggo is the best! also i like Elijah and Dominic much sorry ihave to go!! im on school, ya!

The Ring Goes South

My name is Jason. I'm 18 and i live in Las Vegas I am new to the community and like all of you i assume, i love the lotr trilogy. Gimli is my favourite if i were forced to choose. well i will be in and out of here often so thank you!

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Eee! Does anyone know when the extended version of RotK comes out? Or the entire box set of the extended versions?? I. Must. Have. Now. :D
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Hi all ^^

Just wanted to stop by to say 'hello' and 'how is everyone?' :D I'm fairly new here and to LJ but like everyone else, I love Lord of the Rings, the cast, and anything else associated with it. Let's see..I've been a fan for about 4 years and I've gone from having what you'd call a 'healthy addiction' to what I now call 'extremely obsessed' :P I've tried a hand at fanfiction too [which crashed and burned ^^;] And I thought maybe this would be a good place to meet people with the same interests, make friends and whatnot so umm...hi! :)

Is it May 25 yet? ._.
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