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A new generation of Writers

Following in the footsteps of our heroes

The Inklings
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This community created and maintained by lady_estella

A brief history of the beginning of The Inklings era:
In the beginning of the 1930s a very informal club was formed in Oxford, all the members were aspiring authors. They were united by their interest by the middle ages, the antics, fairy tales, myths and of course, literature. They called themselves The Inklings.
They used to meet twice a week, one time for a lunch together at the "Eagle and Child", the other time at C.S. Lewis' room at Magdalen College. At these meeting they would read scripts for each other, and review and critize each others work.
The members of the club varied, but among those who participated was CS Lewis (without him there were no meetings), JRR Tolkien (rarely missed a meeting), Charles Williams and Warren Lewis (CS Lewis' brother).
The Inklings was most active when Charles Williams came to Oxford 1939 and to his death 1945. The meetings decreased in number and by 1949 they faded out completely.

In the late nineties and early 21st century, a new form of The Inklings has started to break through in a new sort of fasion: the Internet. Quite a few little clubs on various websites formed with this name, the members, either avid readers of fantasy, or desciples of the famous C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien.

This community is just another, possibly even history in the making. Many people that join this communty will simply remember it as "a nice little community at LJ". But it is quite possible that a few may become world-renowned authors themselves... Nothing is Impossible to those who believe.