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The Inferno

Welcome to Hell's Flames

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Welcome to The Inferno
(Banner thanks to reikofanel)

Welcome to the Inferno. It gets hot around here.

Role play information:

Inferno is a role play based upon the Play Station 2 game series Devil May Cry. Play is set sometime in the future after DMC 2, and the world looks very different from what was once dear and familiar. The human race has once more fallen under the rule of the Hosts of Hell. The guardians have failed. The world is in chaos. Great cities now lay in ruin, terror rules the perpetual night. Demons roam the streets freely, their missions to recruit human souls for their masters evil plans. The total domination of humanity is their goal. The Overlord of Hell will accept nothing less.

But there is still a small spark of hope. Dante, the son of the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda, still lives. Although his world has been ripped apart by the devils’ foul machinations, the devil hunter forges on, unable to give up his hereditary birthright. Half-devil, half-human, he is now more than ever reviled for the blood that flows in his veins. But he cannot fail again. Now he must, somehow, bring a new class of hunters to light, molding and shaping them into the finest slayers that have ever walked the shattered earth. For where they go, destruction and darkness reign. A place where angels have left swords of flame burning a warning to those foolish enough to venture forth: The Inferno, Hell on Earth. For they must confront the Overlord of Hell Himself to free humanity from His tyrannical rule...

*Click here for further information and setting.

Character information:

This rp takes place in the far future after DMC 2. All canon characters are welcome, provided they can be introduced in a way that flows smoothly with the on-going storyline. OC’s will have guidelines mentioned further down. All characters must have a separate journal for role play purposes and posting.

Current Canon Characters:

Dante - _devil_inside
Anthony Redgrave, the 5th - terrible_tinker
Alastor (sentient weapon) - zapstick
Sparda - NPC by _devil_inside
Eva - NPC by _devil_inside
Trish - xxelectrocute
Vergil - _kinslayer_

(Applications and interviews will be conducted for the canon characters remaining. Please submit a character synopsis to inferno_ooc if interested in an untaken canon character.)

Original Characters:

Donald "Don" Hawking - reanimator_don
Chase Walters - silver_arrows
Deidre Bennet - child_of_diluce
Fea Morrigan - killer_fea
Dydrial Greystone - clearsightblind
Kristopher Coheed - bigmuthahunter
Colonel Trenmont - played by _devil_inside until player is taken
Oscar Wolfe - awolfeinthewild
Zola "Spikes" Spivakovsky - xx_spikes_xx
Rheiz - hell_pup_rheiz

Original Characters must follow the Devil May Cry storyline. For example, it wouldn’t be DMC canon to have elves, fairies and werewolves running around this universe. If you submit a character, please be sure to read all user information and follow the application guidelines below. For practicality’s sake, I suggest applicants do not make a character journal before being accepted into the role play. Applications can be left in an OOC post in the inferno_ooc community for review. You must join the OOC comm first, however.

Character Application:

On Postings:

* Spell Check. Spell Check. Spell Check. Spell Check. Spell Check. Spell Check. Spell Check. Spell Check. - Honestly, it can't be stressed enough.
* Community character posts must be written in third person past tense. Example: Dante walked into the room, waving at those he knew. “G’morning, everyone,” he said quietly.
* Proper punctuation and grammar, please. Microsoft Word (if you have it) is a wonderful thing, so is cut and paste.
* Personal character journals and comments may be written in first person. Any community comments must also be in third person past tense, for storyline clarity and smoothness.
* Posts must be made in the community at least once a week. If you’re going to be gone for any extended length of time, please have the common courtesy to make a post in the inferno_ooc comm and write your character out of the story for a bit. Please do not leave another character stuck in a situation. If you cannot make a post in the ooc comm., let the mods know and we’ll override it.
* Please leave a subject heading in your comm post so we know what’s going on.
* Rate your posting. If there’s anything unsuitable for younger readers, place it behind a LJ cut and leave a rating. I will not place rating restrictions on anyone’s posting, but I will ask that they be flagged and the rating somewhere in the subject line or cut text. Any NC-17 posts (if it comes to that), must be Friends-locked and rated for members only. Not all of us are adults yet, please keep in mind.

These rules and guidelines are subject to change and edit. If, for any reason, they are not followed in accordance, the mods will confer and either council the member or evict them from the rp entirely. The rules exist for a reason, so let’s follow them.

Other stuff:

The layout and information are still under construction, graphics are forthcoming, but applications will be taken as soon as they're submitted. I will ask a limit of three (3) characters per individual. It gets hectic beyond that. The purpose of this rp is to have fun and participate in a great series of characters and meet some new ones. Unleash your creativity, but please keep things moderately reasonable. Any questions or the like, don’t hesitate to ask.

A note on Character Journals: A character should only comment in a person's journal if it makes sense for that character to have read the entry. If you have the urge to compliment someone's writing though, go ahead and post that as an ooc comment, just be sure to label it as ooc at the top of the comment. Alastor's journal is different. He can't write. Lack of limbs tends to put a damper on that. Anything written in Alastor's journal are his direct thoughts to Dante, so Dante will be the only one to reply to those. Alastor also has limited telepathy, so any comment he makes on someone else's journal should be taken as telepathy.

Thanks and welcome ~~
sibilantmacabre - Moderator and Maintainer
reikofanel - the Wonderous Co-Mod