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_the_hills's Journal

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The Hills & The City community
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The Hills & The City Community

1. No Rudeness This is a community for those who are fans of both the Hills and the City. Any posts which contain negative comments about either show or the cast members will be deleted and you will be banned.
2. Graphics Posting We love to see your work, but please remember to put everything under a cut. Please tag your entry with the type of media you're posting (ie - banner, icons, etc.).
3. Tag Your Entries Please make sure to tag your entries with the name(s) of the cast member they pertain to.
4. Give Credit Where Credit Is Due If you are using somebody else's graphics, please remember to comment and give credit for doing so.
5. Post Content The community is focused on the Hills and the City. Please keep the content of your posts limited to those two shows or cast members from those shows.
6. Entries Please do not post any friends-only entries in this community. All entries should be viewable to everybody.
7. Respect Each Other Offensive language or behavior towards other members will not be tolerated. You will be given one warning and if there are any further issues, you will be banned from the community.

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The Hills Official Site
The City Official Site
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