Mariya (mariya_owns_you) wrote in _the_group,

holla at a dollaa

Hi Friends!

how goes it??! im in LONDONN hollerrrr...and i kinda love it...well iv puked everymorning since iv been here so i guess that means im havin a good time lol....british pple are crazy and they def know how to party....wev been to a few clubs and have quickly discovered that their favorite pick up line here it telling us that they are far we have suppsedly hung out with british, greek, and italian royalty. well i dont know how true that is but we have hung out in VIP everynite so as long as they are suuplyin the drinks i dont care who the hell they are.....but madddddddd cute boys to choose from iv have made out with four already mwahahah....the first nite we went to two clubs n then ended up at a casinno which was kind of shady...then on our way out we met two guys one of whom played simba in the british version of the lion king musicall.....hhahaah how cooooool. ummmm lets see wat else the area that we live in is crazyy all super super rich pple ....and Harrrods is a few blocks away along with like every other great store..its kind of like 5th ave in the city....this is going to b trouble.....and indeed eveything isss soooooo expensive i think iv already gone thru bout half my money in the first two to conserve i have just stopped eating...i think iv eaten bout two meals consisting of yogurt since iv gotten here.......perfect for u joeyy........oh and for fel: Hyde Park thats rite across the street from me is where Finding Never land was shot (and the acutal park they hung out in) aaaand on the other side of the park is where james barry actually lived and there is a peter pan statue in the park i shall take u to it. hmmm wat else....well showering is a constant i have stopped doing that as well..haha no just kidding but its impossible to take a normal shower u eather get scolding hot water (i have already burned of a layer of my skin) or freezing cold icicle water...never both....and the toilets dont just flush the first time u press them u have to like pump it ten times b4 it goes dwn..wackkkkkkk the birtish need to get on this plumbing crap...the flats pretty nice tho xxcept my room is alway freezing and i will probably die of pneumonia b4 i leave here.....theres no cable and every channel that we do have is BBC which is eather news or nature shows wtf lol so fel i leave u the task of tapin the next 4 months of greys for me.perrtyy pleaseeeeeee oh yeah and the british are very forward they totally just grab u, like wen they whistle at u on the streeet they will acutally come up to u and grab ur at the club last nite a guy like grabbed me and forced me to kiss him acutally freaked me out a lil bit and they say exactly wats on their mind no holding back so if they think u have "a fabulous bossom" or a "lovely butt" they will indeed tell u yeahh iv gottten them all....and they are not very fond of amercians and love abusing bush that part i dont mind hahaha oh yeahh no1 else frekain goes out its just me and the one grl chelsea like we got the gayest group of marist pple ever booooooo ne whoo im tired and need to go back to sleep...and i smell bad JOEY GET UR BUTT HERE ASAP! we have some london conquering to do and i have started without u!

oh p.s to joey dont bother bringing hair dryers of straightneres....they willl xplode even with a converter
miss u guys!!! send me things! ill put up my adress laterrrrr

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