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I just can't get it straight you see, and oh well...

Tegan and Sara community
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Welcome to "The First", a Tegan and Sara Community.
This community is meant for the Tegan and Sara fans who want to talk about Tegan and Sara, post pictures, etc...

I realize that people are going to get upset that I am trying to eliminate the 'obsessive-ness", but really guys, it's getting old.

a) This community is a place to talk about Tegan and Sara and display their pictures, This isn't a community for people to obsess over Tegan and Sara. This community was so that us fans didn't have to read all of the fans repeating themselves and posting things like "I want to have Tegan's babies!" or "Are they gay?!?!".

b) If you post pictures, please lj-cut. Go here to learn how.

c) First time member/poster? Please introduce yourself, no one likes a lurker ;) :

d) Please join this community and feel free to post anything "Tegan and Sara" that you want, except obsessed and immature posts about them.

I don't know how to make the background image size/structure of Tegan and Sara be supported by all browsers, so if it doesn't fit evenly then I'm sorry and I will try to fix it. My browser is 1024x768 and I expect that anything less than that, the picture will be off a little bit. Sorry!

Please fill out this short survey and post it. This is just a survey to introduce yourself and give everyone a chance to learn more about you and your experience(s) with Tegan and Sara. Copy and paste. Thanks!

1) Name/Age/Location:

2) How long have you been a fan of Tegan and Sara?

3) What is your favorite Tegan and Sara album/song?

4) Have you seen them in concert? If so, how many?

5) Favorite Tegan and Sara memory?

6) How did you first hear about Tegan and Sara?

7) Tell us about yourself (if you want to):

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