Firefly Fanfic #1: Two Birds

“There’s pain,” River said, as if the blood trickling from her shoulder wasn’t her own. She stared at the medical bay door, beyond Simon. Perhaps beyond Serenity.

“I have some Propoxyn.”

Simon glanced up from his neat row of stitches for a sign that she’d heard him. There was none. Her eyes remained distant.

Then, slowly, her hands rose to the height of her shoulder.

He handed her the clamp and curved needle, careful to avoid pulling on the sutures as he did so. She took them. He removed his gloves and opened the nearest drawer.

It wasn’t a large bullet wound, but if he ever found the thug responsible, he’d pay Jayne to do what Jayne did best. Quietly. Permanently.

River’s voice interrupted his thoughts.

“He didn’t mean to hurt her.”

Simon retrieved the vial and syringe. He closed the drawer with more force than necessary.

“But he did.”

“Inconsistent barometric pressure and wind speed contributed to inaccurate bullet penetration.” River looked over at him. “He was aiming for you.”

“I know,” Simon said. “I’m still not sure he missed.”

Firefly/Serenity // Wash

Help: Looking for an old Graphic

In around 2009, somewhere between March and July I cam across a post where someone was explaining why Firefly is amazing. And one of the reasons was because of the language, vocab, vocabulary, lingo... whatever you want to call it. It was 'browncoats' and 'shiny' and things like that. And to accompany it, the poster made a wordle, word art, word cloud, text art graphic to go with it.

I'm pretty sure 'browncoats' and 'shiny' were 2 of the larger words. Unfortunately, I seem to have lost this graphic throughout the years. I've tried looking online and on LJ, but I'm not sure who posted it or in what community. And I didn't add it to my memories, that I can tell. I could be wrong, but I thought it was a brown background, a lot like this:

If anyone can help me out, I would really, really appreciate it.
Thank you.
GoT - Sansa - Queen

That's right, isn't it? (fanfiction, River centric)

That's right, isn't it?
Firefly | River, Jayne (slight River/Jayne) | 839 words | Set sometime after the movie.
She's found that most human things are impractical, actions and rules thought up as life goes along. She doesn't understand the lack of planning. Why didn't anyone make diagrams, lay out possible outcomes and calculate the risks? Love, death, friendship and life would all be easier then.