The Exchange:

a mix network

The Exchange: A Mix Network
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The Exchange:
a mix network

Let's call this a mission statement.

This community originated for the chance to expose someone else to the music you listen to and the way you listen to it. Making mixes can be an art if you treat it as such and two of my favorite things are giving and recieving a truly epic mix.

At the beginning of each month there will be a post about the mix exchange by mail for everyone who wants to participate. You will comment with your email address and preference of cd or tape, then I will randomly distribute yours to someone else. Then you can exchange real addresses (or email if you prefer to send it .zip). Mixes should be sent out by the end of the month and if there is any reason you wont be able to finish in time let your person (or me) know! Nobody deserves the shaft.

Mix art is optional, but encouraged!

There will be a new theme posted here each month (unless we decide that sucks and scrap the idea..this community is all about democracy) and I'm always open for suggestions. Either email or IM them to me.

May's Theme

Robots! and Dinosaurs and Lemons and Bears! oh my! (2k5)

As for the rest of the time..all kinds of posts are welcome. Mixes, questions, ideas, requests of songs you want or are having trouble finding.

If anyone wants to promote here ASK FIRST. Or I'll probably ban you. Any questions, suggestions, complaints can be directed to the email or AIM links above. Have fun.