anything & everything you need for LJ!!

LJ/myspace layouts, friends only banners, icons, etc.

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I [[___exaggerated]] made this
community so that I could post & share my layouts.
I also take requests every now & then. I do allow
others to post their layouts as well, just submit
your post & I will decide whether or not to let
the post go through. I do, however let most posts
go through, BUT please make them FRIENDS ONLY.

  • you must join to view layouts
  • please credit//keep credit in layouts
  • comment when taking anything
  • DO NOT change any coding before asking
  • if you want to post something, please make the entry FRIENDS ONLY
  • please DO NOT post promo in my community
  • DO NOT post any requests, i will make posts for requests every once in a while
  • have fun :]

  • every so often i will make a request post;
    then, and only then, you can post request.
    i will take a limited ammount of requests at a time.

    promotion buttons can be found here.
    please visit that link, pick a promo button
    & place the tag in its proper place in the
    coding below. this will link the promo button
    directly to us!