eos_girl (eos_girl) wrote in _the_er,

has anyone in here had a seizures on welbutrin?

I know its a little weird to ask, but i was recently diagnosed with a brain cyst (pineal brain cyst to be exact) and i am seeing a neurologist, and when i had the seizures i went to the ER and they saw me there, and my neurologist came down and didn’t think its caused from the brain cyst, but i have been waking up many times during the night since and am feeling like i did after i had the seizures, im not sure if im having them in my sleep or not, my husband doesn’t wake up from them if i am having them, and im not having them while im awake.
my neurologist thinks that i had the seizures because im on my period, and because i haven’t been eating enough lately and she thinks im dehydrated (or was, even though i drank like 6 glasses of juice before i went to bed the night before)
Have any of you ever heard of a seizures happening around a woman’s cycle? i have googled a few things but found no real information.
My uncle was also last week diagnosed with brain cancer, he had a tumor removed from his left ear. So im a little worried about this cyst being more then it is thought to be (i have had many cysts in my body removed, from my ovary it was the size of a lemon, from my intestinal tract it was about the size of a peach,) and will be seeing a neurosurgeon.
any info or help would be greatly appreciated.

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