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nuro surgen...

well i have a pineal brain cyst, and they found it when i got a BIG concusion and lost conciousness back in january.... i also got another concussion last sat. (im a klutz) and now im loosing eye sight, and can barely see in the dark.
Im not so sure you would classify me with a brain injury but well, im dealing with a lot and dont know where else to post...
I saw my nurlogest and now im seeing a nuro surgen today.... they are also sending me to see a nuro opthamlogest to get my eyes checked and they want another MRI done ASAP to see whats going on... I have also had some seazures (two random ones) and well they just dont know what the heck is going on...

Im a little nervous about my nuro surgon appt today... im just not sure what to expect.... i realy want to have surgery to get this cyst out, as well i have cyst else where in my body and they have been causing me a lot of pain when they pop and stuff and im realy nervous about the brain cyst popping and having an anurisum or something like that. I just wish it could all be done and over with, i mean frankly i dont care if i have to cutt all my precious hair off and get his surgery done or anything i just want to be back to nornal, or what normal i was before this cyst happen...

also this isent my only problem, i also suffer from an autoimmune condion called eosinophilic gastroenteritis. as well as i have fibromylaga and chronic fatigue.

please just keep me in your prayers and warm wishes...

xposded everywhere..

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