They Need You To Be Everything

That They Cannot Be Themselves

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okay well instead of a "mini-biography"
these are the rules:
1) it doesn't matter of you are ugly or cute, but you have to post at least one picture...if you dont have any, then whatever thats cool too.
2) don't talk down to anyone, its rude and hurtful.
3) list your hobbies, top ten favorite bands (any genre will do), and what state you are located.
4) don't feel bad if you are rejected...well actually you should kind of feel bad because im pretty much letting anyone join
5) if you belong to nonuglyemos...go ahead and try to join, but you have a less than 40% chance of being accepted unless you're nice...ive noticed that people over there tend to have a wee bit of an anger problem or a self righteous attitude...
6) if someones ugly...hush! we don't care if you think they are.
7) thats about it...oh and one more thing...have fun and be nice.