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mod post, and an update!

I was looking through a new book I got, Beat Depression and Reclaim Your Life by: Alexandra Massey, which I am adding to our ever-growing book list on our user info page. If anyone has any books/websites/therapist sites to add, please let me know by making a post of your own or commenting on any one of my posts.

I had another idea-I know I am kinda late in this area of livejournal life, but I have just discovered the joy of tagging things! I was thinking, if we tag our entries from now on with our name (at least our name-topic(s) too if you feel so lead), then people can look us up and see our process/progress, in order to better support us. Not a requirement, but an idea: tag your name on your entries if you feel so lead, it may lead to more comments.

This place has been quiet as of late, and I know I haven't been doing as much with _the_couch_ as I should be doing, and for that I apologize. I know we all understand the issues within depression and whatever else, but it's important to have places like this to lean on each other. I think so anyways. I'm hoping as I start to make more posts, more people will join in again. We also have a banner for advertising, if anyone feels like doing so-let me know and I will be more than happy to link you to it.

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