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Brittany the Chipette!

Mod Update and Personal News

Mod Update: Welcome to all the new members Holly or I didn't get the chance to welcome personally! It's great knowing people are still finding us on teh internets and able to use our resources. I hope we'll get to be a little more active as we come out of summertime, and I'll make more of an effort to post too.

As far as community news, we have a new book added to the user info book list. Also a link with some inspirational quotes-an idea Holly had that I forgot about until I updated the mod info (btw, Holly, if you want to update any of your mod info, lemme know and I can copy/paste a new one for you) and now have time to employ. So, if you have any inspirational quotes you use or have used before, please comment with them to this post, and leave an author/source for the quote. Looking forward to seeing everyone's motivational sayings! :-)

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Boy Meets World Quote

mod post, and an update!

I was looking through a new book I got, Beat Depression and Reclaim Your Life by: Alexandra Massey, which I am adding to our ever-growing book list on our user info page. If anyone has any books/websites/therapist sites to add, please let me know by making a post of your own or commenting on any one of my posts.

I had another idea-I know I am kinda late in this area of livejournal life, but I have just discovered the joy of tagging things! I was thinking, if we tag our entries from now on with our name (at least our name-topic(s) too if you feel so lead), then people can look us up and see our process/progress, in order to better support us. Not a requirement, but an idea: tag your name on your entries if you feel so lead, it may lead to more comments.

This place has been quiet as of late, and I know I haven't been doing as much with _the_couch_ as I should be doing, and for that I apologize. I know we all understand the issues within depression and whatever else, but it's important to have places like this to lean on each other. I think so anyways. I'm hoping as I start to make more posts, more people will join in again. We also have a banner for advertising, if anyone feels like doing so-let me know and I will be more than happy to link you to it.

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If it makes me a Bitch then Ok.

Mod Post and Update on my personal life

Hey everyone! Brittany here, just letting you all know that a book was added to the list of Member Recommended Books on our user info page. I hope you guys can check it out when you get a chance-I have read a few of the books recommended, and so far they are all really helpful. Also, I am always looking for more books and website and whatnot to add, so comment to one of my posts, or make a post in the community with your recommendations. :-)

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