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Please help if you can... (crossposted)

Let me start off with my big acomplisment:  I got out of my chair and walked a long distance for the first time after the Baclofen pump surgery, at school on Thursday!  I can't to show off to everone who can watch ar school and at my Graduation party!  I'm so proud of myself for this victory! :)

Okay...I'm really not kidding though, when is it time to call my therapist and/or psychiatrist?  I'm so overwalmed and confused because I have so much to do and absolutely no motivation to do it!  I found myself saying "I'm sorry" in counseling at school the other day, because I hurt so bad emotionally and nobody understands, that I'm almost sorry for being in psychological pain.  My doctor just increased my Prozac from 15 to 20mgs, but gave me permission to go back down if I didn't like it.  Well I did because I felt like I didn't want to wake up the night before counseling, and I wanted to see the pain with my eyes, so that way it was real in some respect.  I no longer want to die, but I do want the pain to be real to someone other than myself!  I wish my parents understood and I could tell them how I feel, but I can't because I'm afraid they'll think I'm "creating drama" or something like they always do.  I'm just generally unmotivated and depressed and don't feel right keeping this from a professional; I need to talk to some who is not judgemental, but it's not a life or death emergency at the moment, so I feel funny telling my therapist and/or doctor when it's not a scheduled appointment...  It can become hard to control at times though, so what do I do?  I just need to talk to someone who's not family or friends....do you understand what I'm saying?  It might be due to lack of "restful" sleep, even though I slept through the whole night last night, so I took a Visteril tonight, but it's still not right!

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mod post, and an update!

I was looking through a new book I got, Beat Depression and Reclaim Your Life by: Alexandra Massey, which I am adding to our ever-growing book list on our user info page. If anyone has any books/websites/therapist sites to add, please let me know by making a post of your own or commenting on any one of my posts.

I had another idea-I know I am kinda late in this area of livejournal life, but I have just discovered the joy of tagging things! I was thinking, if we tag our entries from now on with our name (at least our name-topic(s) too if you feel so lead), then people can look us up and see our process/progress, in order to better support us. Not a requirement, but an idea: tag your name on your entries if you feel so lead, it may lead to more comments.

This place has been quiet as of late, and I know I haven't been doing as much with _the_couch_ as I should be doing, and for that I apologize. I know we all understand the issues within depression and whatever else, but it's important to have places like this to lean on each other. I think so anyways. I'm hoping as I start to make more posts, more people will join in again. We also have a banner for advertising, if anyone feels like doing so-let me know and I will be more than happy to link you to it.

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