Brittany the Keyblade Master! (magic730dreams) wrote in _the_couch_,
Brittany the Keyblade Master!

it's been quiet here lately...

Hey everyone! It has been so quiet here lately-I hope that means everyone is doing well. :-) I was sent this website today, and I thought I would share it with everyone: Health Talk, the Depression Community. I put it on our user info sites listed as well-they have a radio link where you can listen online and all sorts of things, so check it out. If anyone has any thoughts on it, reviews, or any other websites/books to share, lemme know.

Things with me have been going really well-I am still building boundaries with family and friends, but the more I practice, the better I get. I can stand up for myself and be assertive, and I'm finally having relationships I want to have, not things I'm forced into just because I'm related to people. It is really awesome!

School is stressful, always, but I'm doing well enough for myself to be happy.

I'm working hard at finding the time to relax and feel good. It's nice to have a quiet place to come home to, even if it's just my little dorm room. I'm is slightly boring, but it's so much better than crazy chaos! I'll take boring any day. lol

How is everyone else doing? -Brittany
Tags: assertive, boundaries, brittany, links
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