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Mod Update and Personal News

Mod Update: Welcome to all the new members Holly or I didn't get the chance to welcome personally! It's great knowing people are still finding us on teh internets and able to use our resources. I hope we'll get to be a little more active as we come out of summertime, and I'll make more of an effort to post too.

As far as community news, we have a new book added to the user info book list. Also a link with some inspirational quotes-an idea Holly had that I forgot about until I updated the mod info (btw, Holly, if you want to update any of your mod info, lemme know and I can copy/paste a new one for you) and now have time to employ. So, if you have any inspirational quotes you use or have used before, please comment with them to this post, and leave an author/source for the quote. Looking forward to seeing everyone's motivational sayings! :-)

Things with my mom are nuts, once again. In short, we are not speaking....once again. She brought up the abuse, and we went through how selfish I was, at the top of our lungs, for 26 minutes. We also covered fun topics like who was a child and who was an adult, and how I hated that she does drugs and can't manage her money, and calls to borrow money from me, and so on. It was as fun as it sounds.

Christina basically told me not to talk to my mom anymore. I haven't wanted to since Wednesday when it all went down anyways, nor has she tried to contact me.

Other than that, school is busy, work is crazy busy, money is tight, and I have plans booking my attention all through Aug. 20th. It is going to be high stress the rest of the summer. Fun, I hope, but very high stress.

I hope everyone else is having a good week, and I will post more-or try to. :-) *safe hugs all around* -Brit
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