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Mod Post and Personal Update

In community news: a new website on borderline personality disorder and a new website on finding a therapist in Western New York have been posted on our user info! Yay!

Things have been going well in therapy. I am still seeing Christina, for about 10 months now! The longest I've ever been with the same therapist. I adore her, and really admire her and the work we get done together.

She moved her practice last month, so we moved to a new office across town. I was nervous, and it was hard, and still isn't perfect yet, but we're getting there. I brought some of my favorite pillows and a blanket I'd crocheted to the new office, to help it feel homey. Now Christina has some art on the walls, and new lamps, and it's almost settled in. :-)

I've been photocopying my journal (the one I write in at home, in a book-not online) and taking in the copies for her to read between sessions. I've never let anyone see my real journal before, I don't even go back and read what I've written! It's going well though, she can see where I'm coming from easier I think. Plus the more open I am, the more work we can get done. Or the deeper work? However it would be phrased.

I'm going through a constant process of figuring out what I need and what I want, and then convincing myself that I deserve to get what I need and want, and then going back further to allow myself to even have needs and wants. lol It's a process...We are also dealing with the issues with my various dating partners and moving this August.

I have been on new meds for a while now-Exflexar (I am spelling that so wrong...) and then Seraquil to sleep. They are amazing! I have energy now, and I do stuff-mostly school, but still...and I see friends, and go outside, and I've even been going to the gym! It's great to not feel worthless and depressed 24-7, I never realized how far gone I was. I love these new meds. I don't see my med doctor again until September, I think....but that's fine.

It's kinda slow though. We'll be working on the inner child stuff again when I get around to reading the next chapter in Courage to Heal, which I am deliberately avoiding. I hate that inner child stuff....and it's good for me, which makes me hate it more. lol Know what I mean?

I hope everyone else is doing fabulous and has a great weekend! :-) -Brit
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