dreamingbear (dreamingbear) wrote in _the_couch_,

New Member Survey

I've been lurking in the shadows for a little while in this community - not ready to test the waters myself, so to speak, but having been here for a little while, I thought it time to introduce myself.

  • Name/What You Want to be Called: Karen/DreamingBear/KB/DB/Hey you

  • Age: 35

  • Diagnosis:
    Official - Major Depression
    Unofficial - Borderline Personality Disorder (or least high intensities of several traits)

  • Current Method of Therapy: Typically, seeing a therapist weekly; seeing a psychiatrist to follow up on medications as needed

  • Current Issues You're Dealing With: learning how to retrain my thought patterns on my own - therapist is reluctant to diagnose anything as broad spectrum as a personality disorder.

  • Is therapy helping you? Why or Why not? While the relationship with my therapist is new - I've only seen him 3 or 4 times now - I don't feel as good as about this as I did when I first met with him.

  • Anything else you want to share: Right now if I were to start, I wouldn't stop.

  • What would like to see/gain from this community; why did you join? Not sure what I am looking for... maybe a place where people understand...
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