Brittany the Keyblade Master! (magic730dreams) wrote in _the_couch_,
Brittany the Keyblade Master!

saw Christina today...

We talked about my mom-not a big surprise there. But we went through some things that sound trivial, but were such a big deal to me. I feel lame saying them because they sound like things everyone should know, things that should be obvious-but they weren't to me.

Lesson One: It is not my job to make my mother happy.
Lesson Two: I am not the reason she in unhappy.
Lesson Three: I can learn things she didn't teach me and become a whole person by myself.
Lesson Four: I'm allowed to have a private life with boundaries.

I have never heard anyone tell me these things point blank, but Christina did today. (not in a list like that, but you know what I mean...) It was so amazing. It's not my fault my mom is unhappy with life-do you know how cool that is?! I'm not to blame!

Just thought I would spread the happiness of my discovery...hope everyone has a good week! :-) -Brit
Tags: blame, brittany-mod, fault, guilt, mom
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