Any MBP survivors out there?!

I am a survivor of abuse already on my healing journey.  I have been looking for information on survivors of Munchausen by Proxy, but it seems that most of what is out there is centered more around the perpetrators or the unfortunate incidence of false accustions.   It is somewhat discouraging.  Any suggestions are appreciated.

Life Coaching


I am an experienced social worker & agency therapist who is known for her holistic approach to life.

I have experience as a Buddhist minister, with addiction, GLBTQ community, couples counseling/relationships, adolescents, young adults and adult populations. I have worked with many ethnicities as well. I am a seasoned musician and I live what I coach.

This is a non traditional opportunity because I do not counsel and charge high fees. I am a sliding scale coach and offer people a unique opportunity.

I am MSW and CASAC-T credentialed, I have a BA in Communication arts and I am a partnered, OUT lesbian and parent.

If you are interested pls contact me @ for a consultation and or more information about how I guide people to a greater potential.

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The world is very weird

Just as I start seriously considering moving in with my brother, the phone calls for jobs start picking up... Next week, I am registering with (yet another) staffing agency in order for them to post my resume to an opening they have... and I have an interview scheduled.

I'm so confused!!!

Also, thank you to those of you who left comments on my previous post. I appreciate it!
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So this is me

in panic mode... It's been three and a half months since I was laid off and I've had three actual interviews... What's worse is that it's almost two months to the day that we have to be rid of these premises.

*running around in circles screaming and pulling my hair out*

I really don't want to live in my car with three cats.
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Hi everyone,

I wrote the other day when I was having a moment of panic and, strangely, the bit of clarity it took to understand that I really need some help. I posted what I wrote in a few different communities hoping for help from somewhere, even though I know that I should go see a doctor. This was the advice most people gave, and I am trying to get one but they seem hard to find where I live.

Here’s what I’m wondering though – if any of you know… the things that I’m experiencing (detailed here: - in summary it’s a whole lot of panic mixed up with obsessive self-loathing which sometimes result in an inability to leave my room) are they symptoms of some kind of disease? I know it’s bad to diagnose yourself; it would just be really comforting if I knew this was something I could work towards ‘fixing’.

Also: I don’t feel like this all the time. In fact as soon as I’m with people I feel pretty normal and happy. It’s just that every once in a while I fall into a spell where it gets unbelievably difficult to leave my house and put myself in those situations where I’m okay. I’m leaving as of now – I’ve gone to class for the past two days and went out with my classmates. But I haven’t slept for days and every night I briefly experience what I sometimes feel for weeks. It seems every time that I’m alone I begin to panic, but eventually push myself to shower and dress and go into the big wide world. I’m simply worried that I’ll panic for more than a brief time, or fail one day at succeeding with that push and end up trapped again for weeks.

Thank you for the responses last time, and I’m now making calls to find a doctor.
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please help me - confused, afraid, and obsessive

Please read this and help me. I don’t know who I can turn to with this, so I’m turning to perfect strangers. I didn’t know how to tell this without telling the whole story, so this is long; I’m sorry. I’m not suicidal – I’m just stuck and so so very desperate for life to be good again.

“It feels like every time I approach my schoolwork I lose my mind. I either obsessively repeating self-loathing thoughts or am avoiding most thought while in a blind panic. I sob on my floor or I pace my room. I obsessively avoid my housemates, sometimes being quiet and creeping around my room when they’re nearby. I either run or tiptoe to use the bathroom.”

… “My hours reversed completely. I did not leave my room for two weeks, obsessing over my work but doing nothing. I cried, and hated myself, I left my room late at night to eat and use the bathroom. Just as my housemates got up I stopped my crying and slept wherever I happened to be. I slept on the floor and against my desk. I created a “cocoon of light” for myself and would go there and count, and breathe. When not crying I would watch the same movie over and over again, writing notes and memorizing lines.”

…“Please please help, I remember life being so much better than this.”

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another update

I talked to my mother this evening. My grandmother is doing quite well... In fact, she's doing so well that she may just improve herself right out of the nursing home and into an assisted living facility. (Here's hoping that she can bring Peachy, her canary, to the new place!)

As things stand, my brother, his girlfriend, his daughter and I will be going up to visit on Saturday.

No family member has heard from or spoken to my uncle to date.