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The Cool Kids
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Think you're cool and have style? Join _the_cool_kids_ and see if we think you do. All you have to do is join, then post your application.

1) Put "I'm cool, I know it, I'm here to show it" somewhere in your application.
2) You have to include at least one picture in your application that shows off your style.
3) Your application MUST be behind an lj-cut. If you don't know what one is, ask or look in the lj FAQs
4) Post at least 3 clear pictures of your face with different facial expressions. If you're cool, it won't matter how dumb you look.
5) Don't be rude or ignorant. Rude people are NOT cool.
6) When voting on an application put "cool" or "fool" somewhere in your comment.
7) Once accepted you may post as often as you desire.
8) After 48 hours of your application being posted, the votes will be tallied and you will either be "cool" or a "fool".
9) You must promote!!!


--The same old stuff:::
--Your Name:
--Your Age:
--Your Birthday:
--Where you live:
--School you attend:
--Grade you're in:
--Dating status:
--If dating, for how long:

--Favorite clothing brand:
--Favorite shoe brand:
--Favorite purse brand:
--Favorite place to shop:
--Describe your favorite outfit you have or show a picture:
--Describe your favorite hair style or show a picture:

--Why do you want to be a member of this community?
--What do you have to offer to this community?
--Why should we accept you?
--Any last words?

--Who did you promote to (at least 3 journals/communities)- include links *we don't want to have to search for it so give us a direct link*

--Show me some of that style:::
*put pictures here*

Note to info readers:
This community is for everything. Rating, showing off clothes and stuff, sharing pictures, sharing stories, whatever. Just make sure to have FUN